The Book of Osm

The Book of Osm

OpenStreetMap is the free and open wiki map of the world made by millions of volunteers whoire just like you. Contributors use paper, pens, GPS devices, phones and laptops to capture the world around them (like a street name and location) and then upload it to OSM. The map data is then given away for free, all just like wikipedia. This book contains 15 interviews conducted by OSM founder Steve Coast with the people who were there as the project began and grew. Starting in 2004, the interviews trace how a rag tag collection of volunteers was able to produce a map which compares in quality to maps produced by multi-billion dollar corporations. Learn how such an ambitious project got started and then succeeded at mapping the world, for free!"

Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date
ISBN 9781514232743
Pages 290 pages
Rating 4/5 (4X users)

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