Empath and Psychic Abilities Mastery

Empath and Psychic Abilities Mastery

★ 55% OFF for Bookstores! Discounted Retail Price NOW at $42.95 instead of 55.95! ★ Would You Like to Know How to Improve Your Relationships, Tapping Into Your Own Psychic Abilities With No Crystal Ball or Ouija Board Necessary? Your Customers Never Stop to Use this Awesome Book! New scienfitic researches argue legitimate, statistically significant evidence for psychic abilities. However, being psychic isn't easy, and many people have misperceptions about what this gift actually entails. Working with psychic skills requires patience, practice, and lots of self-love. While there are definitely many charlatans who either exaggerate their skills or make them up entirely, these individuals are not psychics. Psychics, on the other hand, are simply individuals who are able to see, hear, feel, sense, taste, or have intuition beyond the boundaries of the physical world. With this amazing book bundle, you'll take the first steps in tapping into your extrasensory abilities, improving your innate ability to process sensory data on an extremely deep emotional, physical, or spiritual level. You'll get 4 manuscripts in 1, here is what you'll learn: BOOK 1: The Empath & Psychic abilities complete guide - secrets of mindset power, emotional intelligence, scientific facts, ways of empath and psychic abilities development, becoming highly sensitive people, healthy habits, tips and more BOOK 2: How to enhance psychic abilities developing intuition skills, Aura reading, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Dreams, and more BOOK 3: The ultimate guide to Chakra, Third Eye and Kundalini: unlock your chakras for improving mental health and have positive energy - the 7 chakra overview, how to realign the chakra system, third eye awakening, and more BOOK 4: The power of deep meditation: the essential practices to relax, manage stress and get motivated in everyday life - the basics, helpful tools, home environment for meditation, power of visualization, guided meditation, and more Even if you've never heard of this topic and you are a newbie, this easy-to-understand guide will help you to develop your innate psychic abilities, and ultimately create the kind of life you have always dreamed of, Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

Publisher Limitless Mind Academy
Release Date
ISBN 9781802310849
Pages 0 pages
Rating 4/5 (43 users)

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★ 55% OFF for Bookstores! Discounted Retail Price NOW at $42.95 instead of 55.95! ★ Would You Like to Know How to Improve Your Relationships, Tapping Into Y
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