The Inner Journey

The Inner Journey

Everyone has a personal journey to take. Each life is unique in its presence, role and purpose. The Inner Journey offers a proven and powerful model that helps readers to methodically identify the personal journey that lies ahead. Most assessment and occupational approaches relate to the person's characteristics and typology, established from systematic questionnaires. The model developed by author Ilana Weibel in her groundbreaking book harnesses the unique individuality and hidden purpose of the reader, from within their personal fabric of desires and passions. Based upon successful outcomes with hundreds of people, the model presents a series of stages, encompassing processes and questions that carry the individual towards his or her deepest inner workings. There is no typology involved, and no pre-determined categories or pigeon holes to fit into. The work in The Inner Journey is highly personal. The process at every stage is designed to uncover and define the path that will lead to the fulfillment of the reader's uniquely individual life mission.

Publisher Contento De Semrik
Release Date
ISBN 9657450837
Pages 216 pages
Rating 4/5 (33 users)

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